Annual review 2008


Looking back to last year I wondered if we accomplished anything, but actually we did quite a lot. In 2008 we concentrated mainly in norfolks, as we received from Sweden norfolk dog Jiffy Flashpoint ”Elvis”, who was supposed to move to UK after the visit in Finland. Elvis is by my bitch Tuikku (HH Love On The Run), who had one litter in Heléne Ericsson's kennel Jiffy in Sweden. Elvis started his show programme in January in Turku international and finished the year in Stockholm in December. Elvis showed 12 times in Finland and achieved 7xCC, 7xcacib, 8xBOB, 2xBOS, 1xPU2, 1xPU3. Elvis did not participate in breed club’s special show as the judges were Martin Phillips (kennel Jaeva) and Andrew Gullick (kennel Merauder), to whom he was going to move to UK after the World Winner show. In Norway Elvis got CC and cacib and Norwegian winner –08 title. In Sweden Elvis got CC and res cacib. In the World Winner show Elvis got exl being second in open class after Mortti (HH From Me To You). 

Mortti showed only in 4 official shows and in the unofficial breed club’s N&N Show in Finland and the in World Winner show in Sweden. Mortti became 2 years old 9.4. and first chance to make him up was in Jyväskylä international show in April, and so he did winning CC, cacib and being BOB. Also in Lahti international he was BOB and got cacib. In the breed club’s main show in Ikaalinen Mortti was BOB as well as in N&N show. In Mänttä group show Mortti was second best dog. In the World Winner show the title was so close, Mortti won the open class and got res cacib. From the World Winner show Mortti moved to UK as an ”exchange student” and started his show career in the norfolk specialty show by winning the open class and got res cc. 

Mortti’s mother Tuikku showed only once in Finland in Forssa international and was 3rd best bitch and got res cacib, as her mother Katie (Rosara Love Me Do At Jaeva) won. Tuikku showed in Estonia with Barbara Komsi and brought home some ”souveniers”: cc, cacib, BOB and the title of Estonian Winner. 

Katie showed 3 times being once BOS and lost to family member Eddie (Jaeva Touch of The Dutch). Twice Katie was BOB veteran. Eddie showed 5 times in official shows and was as many times BOB veteran, as well as in the unofficial N&N show. In Forssa international Eddie was BOB. Three times during the year he was second best dog.

Tytti (HH Be-Pop-A-Lula) was mated by Elvis giving birth to 3 dog puppies and one bitch puppy Justiina (HH Little Sister), who stayed home. One dog puppy Welho (HH. Just Because) stayed with Jaana. Tytti showed only once in Seinäjoki international being second in champion with exl. Welho showed once in puppy class in Terrier Clubs main show being BOB puppy and got into the BIS puppy competition.  

In 2008 also some of Heilurihännän Norfolk offsprings showed. Hippy (HH Hippyhippyshake) got his first CC and was 2nd best dog in breed club’s main show in Ikaalinen. 7 years old Jassu (HH Armas) last showed in 2003 and joined in Karjaa show being BOB with CC and thus FI CH. Representative of the prettier sex Viivi (HH Holy Touch) only started to show this year. The first show in Tampere Interantional resulted res CC  and res cacib. First CC and cacib she won in Lahti international, second CC, also BOB in Valkeakoski all breed show and the last one (also 3rd best bitch) in Terrier Club’s main show. Congratulations Viivi & Armas for your FI Champion titles! Nana (HH Good Luck Charm), daughter of Elvis and Helmi (HH Helmi-Orvokki, placed by breeding terms) won baby class and got HP in breed club’s puppy and junior show. Lempi (HH Unelma-Ulla, placed by breeding terms), also daughter to Helmi, showed in Seinäjoki international was second in her class with exc. 

Norfolk year 2008 could not have ended better as kennel Heilurihännän was the breeder of the year!  In the norfolk of the year competition Mortti finished second, Elvis was placed fourth and Viivi sixth.  Eddie was the best veteran and Katie best veteran bitch. Thank you all you wonderful owners of Heilurihännän norfolks for keeping the dogs in excellent condition and showing actively! Thank you fellow Norfolk breeders for helping out in many case throughout the year. Special thanks to Nan for handling Elvis, and to Barbara for handling Tuikku.  

The “flatcoat front” was more quiet this year, as we have not had a litter since 2005. Three of that litter showed successfully: Luca (HH. Kiss of Gold), Seri (HH Sweet Kiss) and Doris (HH. Kiss-Kiss, placed by breeding terms). Luca won in Finland 2xCC, 2x res CC and was 1xBOS. He also won CC’s in Estonia and Latvia. In blood track test he got VOI1 and VOI2 (1st and 2nd prices in winner class). Seri won 3xCC and was once BOB and twice BOS. Doris won 3xCC, 2xres CC, 2xBOB, 1xBIG3 and she qualified in the field, handled by Barbara Komsi, thus she got title of FI CH. All four of this litter had health examinations resulting healthy hips, elbows, knees and eyes.  

Jesper (HH Walkabout), son of Wilma (HH Mayflower), successfully competed in field trials (cold game) in Sweden: 1xVOI1 and  2xVOI2 (1st and 2nd prices in winner class). Jesper became FI CH earlier and he did not show at all in 2008. Alexei (HH Watertiger) won res CC and brother Micki (HH Wizard Mickey) had several best dog placements. Micki also showed in the World Winner in working class. We were so proud as he got excellent and was placed third in the class! Aamu (HH Wildflower) showed only once resulting res CC. Instead Aamu succesfully competed in agility resulting 2xserticate.

Ever so wonderful ManU (HH Mystery Man) showed twice in veteran class in Jyväskylä and Forssa international shows, and boy did he show to the younger ones: BOS in both shows, BOB veteran in Jyväskylä and BOS veteran in Forssa. In the autumn it was time to say goodbye to ManU as he passed away. Manu was a personality who will always stay in our heart. Thank you Anneli and Pekka for taking so good care of him!  We had so many funny and successful trips together. Another veteran, Sara (HH Jaunty Jewel) 11 years of age showed in Finland’s Retriever organisation’s main show and got exc and was placed 3rd in class. 

Our ”italianas” at home, Nera and Carla, showed a couple of times. Nera (Dakotaspirit Balladinblueforheilurihannan) got 1xCC and 2x res-CC. Carla (Dakotaspirit Vado Al Massimo) got 3xCC, 3xres-CC + cacib. As Carla is already qualified on the field she became FI Champion. We also got another arrival from Italy: Royal Silk Love Potion, called Sorella or shortly Ella

Our own veteran bitch Samba, 9 years, hit the jackpot in Forssa int show. Samba does not show so often any more, only one show a year. Last year we were going to show more often, but were always busy with other things. Samba proved in Forssa that maybe we could show more often, as she was BOB, BOB veteran, BIS2 veteran, BIG1 and BIS3.  Oh boy that we were proud taking photos of Samba!

Frida  (Celtair No Comments), co-owned with breeder Jenni Juvén and Mari Koivunen, started showing.  Frida lives with Mari Koivunen, she is also Frida’s personal trainer. Jenni and I just follow from the side. Frida started her career in puppy show resulting BOB and BIG3. In the first official show she was second best bitch and got res-CC. Next time she showed in World Winner circuit show, where she was placed 3rd in her class to our great delight. 

What can I say but THANK YOU SO MUCH! We had great moment in shows and in trainings. And let’s not forget our Celtair-Heilurihännän training weekend! Special thanks to Barbara, Jenni and Kikka for handling during the year. Thanks to Tuula for overall organising and pushing to open this web site.  

To close the year some words about our Finnish hounds Hilu and Saaga.  FI DK MVA FI KVA *C.I.B. LV MVA Alapörkän Hilu has retired from shows and trials, but still goes hare hunting regularly. My farther is mainly training Saaga (FI Ch Heilurihännän Saaga) and goes to trials with her.  During year 2008 she got 1x1st price, 2x2nd price and 1x3rd price. The FI Ch title Saaga got previous year. 

We wish each and everyone a good year 2009!