Ihannekokoinen uros, jolla on superkarva ja erinomainen takaosa. Täynnä elämäniloa.
Ollut vaihto-oppilaana kilpailemassa Englannissa Jaeva-kennelissä yhteisomistuksessa Martin Phillipsin ja Andrew Gullickin kanssa. Palasi kotikenneliin kesäkuussa 2010. Kiitos Martin ja Andrew Mortin hyvästä hoidosta, hienosta näyttelykunnostamisesta sekä esittämisestä näyttelyissä.

Ideal size, super coat, excellent hindquaters and low hocks. Full of joy of life.
Has been been competing UK at kennel Jaeva, has returned home June 2010. Thank you Martin and Andrew for taking good care of Mortti, keeping him in excellent show condition and showing him.

Mortti tietokannassa in the database

Mortin kolmas serti/Mortti's third CC 7.5.2010
The National Tuomari/Judge Maurice Marshall
Dogworld breed news weeks 20:
DCC and BOB went to the Finnish import, Martin Phillips, Andrew Gullick and Kirsi Nieminen’s four-year-old Fin Ch Heilurihännän From Me To You (Int Ch Allright Smart Rupert ex Ch/Fin Ch Rosara Love Me Do at J). Little shown, Morrti won his first CC under Patsy Green (Wharfvalley) at Southern Counties last year and the second under Eileen Needham (Titanium) at Border Union. I understand this new champion will have returned to his delighted breeders in Finland, the Nieminens, by the time you read this."

Mortin toinen serti / Mortti's second CC 20.6.2009
Border Union Tuomari /Judge Eileen Needham
"Well made throughout, an honest dog in excellent workman-like jacket but by no means glamorous, keen dark eye, every inch a terrier, plenty of spirit & showing well"

Mortin ensimmäinen serti /Mortti's first CC 6.6.2009
Southern Counties Tuomari /Judge Patsy Green
"Well balanced dog, true terrier expression, not overdone in anyway, good mouth, large teeth, beautiful harsh coat, well muscled body, good tailset, lovely outline on the move."